3 Pillars of Learning Leadership

A 1-Day Intensive Guide

Learning leadership is built upon our ability to connect learning to the needs of the business and to influence senior leaders toward seeing our work through the eyes of performance.

To be successful in this, learning leaders need to build skills in key areas. This daylong seminar focuses on three pillars of learning leadership:

  1. Using data to identify business questions and challenges
  2. Leveraging that data to formulate a learning strategy that addresses the challenge
  3. Executing that strategy


Led by industry experts who bring a wealth of strategies, tips, and guidelines, 3 Pillars of Learning Leadership will provide you with a path to data-driven, strategic planning that will ensure that your learning programs directly target clear and relevant business needs and goals.

With an intensive focus on the practical side of learning leadership, you will spend your day connecting and collaborating with fellow learning leaders and exploring processes and skills that you can immediately apply in your work.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

The event will begin with an overview of the day’s agenda and objectives, setting the stage for an intensive day of learning and collaboration.

Pillar 1: Framing the Business Problem

We start our journey by focusing on the business and identifying core problems. We will explore the importance of identifying metrics and gathering data that help us surface the key issues creating these business challenges. You will engage in a hands-on activity featuring case studies on framing business problems and aligning L&D solutions.

Pillar 2: Developing Your Data-Informed Learning Strategy

With the business problem foundation in place, learn about the importance of data in shaping learning strategies and be introduced to tools and techniques for leveraging data in L&D. Work with your peers to identify key data points that enable data-informed strategy.

Pillar 3: Bringing Strategy to Reality

Explore effective execution of L&D solutions through team collaboration. With role-based breakout discussions tailored for individual contributors, managers, and executives, each group will focus on developing execution plans and strategies that can be implemented within their sphere of influence.

Wrap-Up & Reflections

We close our time together with an open discussion and Q&A to explore the themes and takeaways from the day. The event will conclude with closing remarks and next steps to support implementation.

3 Pillars of Learning Leadership takes place on Monday, December 4, from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. Separate fee-based registration is required.