Explore Emerging Themes & Trends

What are the topics and trends that will shape your learning leadership? How can you best leverage them to support your team, meet challenges, and grow your leadership? Learning 2023 is the place to explore these questions as we delve into current topics and themes.

Thriving Through Change

Find the connections, guidance, and answers learning leaders need to excel and lead through constant change.

Evolution of Learning Leadership

Turn L&D into a strategic partner in your organization with the proven practices and guidance of your learning leadership peers.

Leading Hybrid or Remote Teams

Remote and hybrid environments draw on different leadership skills. Hone yours as you learn from others’ experience.

Upskilling Reskilling Revolution

Continuous, targeted learning is a sure way to prepare your organization for the future and keep employees engaged.

Leading with Empathy

Empathy is the top-ranked skill employees expect from managers and leaders—and a critical component of effective learning leadership.

AI + Learning

How will AI change learning? How is L&D already using AI? Whether through personalization, generative AI, or automation, explore the impact of emerging AI-powered technologies.

Diversity and Leadership

Learning 2023 spotlights the ways that organizations thrive when they diversify—from the top down. Learn what works and why.

Learning Immersion

AR, VR, and other emerging technologies enable incredible immersive learning experiences. Learn how and why to add these exciting innovations to your training strategy.

Research Data Trends

Examine the latest research into learning and performance. Learn from experts who will distill their insights into evidence-based practices you can use.

Human-Centered Learning Design

Learning leaders increasingly understand the imperative to ensure that learning experiences are human-centered and accessible to all learners.

Empowered Self-Directed Learning

Empower self-directed learners and reduce friction between problems and solutions by integrating learning into your organization’s DNA.

Social & Collaborative Learning

Support human connections, whether colleagues are remote or on-site, and foster a collaborative learning culture.

Data Analytics Competency

Harness the power of data and analytics to strengthen the connection between learning and performance.

Wellness at Work

Mental health is a growing focus for many organizations, and today’s learning leaders need to ensure that we bring this focus into our work.

Learning in the Workflow

Bring learning and performance together by supporting learning at the moment learners need it: in the flow of work.

Learning and Business Alignment

Boost the profile of L&D by showing your C-suite how your training strategy aligns with business goals and improves the metrics they care about most.