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607 Apply Adult Learning Principles to Improve Learning in Your Organization

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Tuesday, November 8

Tracks: Practices

Do you struggle with meeting learners’ needs and face employee disinterest in learning? A common challenge for learning leaders is keeping learners motivated and actively involved in learning what they need to succeed and grow in an organization. For adult learning to be applicable, interesting, and long-lasting, you can apply guiding principles and successful strategies.

In this session, you will explore what L&D directors need to know and put into practice to ensure impactful and meaningful adult learning. You will reflect on how adult learning practices fit into your own experience, both positive and negative. Next, we will present adult learning attributes, along with helpful strategies for utilizing them. Lastly, you will generate beginning ideas and plans for incorporating these principles and strategies into meaningful experiences for your organization’s learners.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to influence, change, and improve adult learning in your organization
  • Major adult learning principles and how they can be used to design powerful learning experiences
  • What learning leaders need to know about their learners’ readiness and continued motivation to learn

Stuart Carrier

Associate Professor and Director, Leadership Studies

National Louis University

Dr. Stuart Ives Carrier serves National Louis University as director of leadership studies as associate professor in NLU’s national college of education. He is focused on and supports programming in educational leadership, teacher leadership, higher education leadership, and doctoral studies and postsecondary teaching and instructional leadership. He teaches courses related to curriculum and instruction, instructional leadership, and policy studies. Stuart has an MA in school counseling and PhD in curriculum & instruction, University of South Florida, in computer literacy and microcomputer applications in the high school. Stuart studied at the management of lifelong education institute at Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Geri Chesner

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership Studies

National Louis University

Geri A. Chesner, PhD, is an associate professor at National Louis University, Illinois, and works in the educational leadership MEd and doctoral level programs and the teacher leadership program. She served as an associate professor at Alverno College, Milwaukee, working in preservice and in-service teaching programs. She holds a doctorate in urban education from UW-Milwaukee, with an emphasis on curriculum, instruction, and literacy. Her passions center on helping others see their innate creativity and using it in all facets of one’s personal and professional life. Her current academic research centers on creativity, educational leadership, and visual literacy development for learners at all levels.