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101 Be an Extra: The Secret to Better Servant Leadership 

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM ET
Tuesday, December 5

In movies, the role of an extra is to enhance the story, using limited time and exposure to create impact while saying very little. Extras know it’s not about them, it’s about the movie. They may get their time to shine, but only if it adds to the overall vision of the film. Servant leadership looks the same way: Where traditional leadership is focused on the organization, servant leadership focuses on the people. The benefits are many: increased engagement, less turnover, and greater employee motivation and satisfaction to name a few. Servant leadership is all about letting your team be the star. 

This session will help you understand what servant leadership looks like and the actions you can take to set you on the right path. We will share real-life examples of the anti-servant leader, tips for being the leader your team needs you to be, and how to rewrite your inner monologue. You will leave this session with a better understanding of how, as a leader, to play more of a supporting role while your team members shine like the stars they are. You will also get the opportunity to share your own examples of how you try to shine the spotlight on the people you lead. Learning from others is the most valuable resource, and we can’t wait to get some new ideas from all of you! 

In this session, you will learn: 

  • What your role is in the greater movie of life 
  • How to be the leader your people need, not the leader you think you should be 
  • Strategies for removing self-doubt and rewriting your inner monologue to better serve your team 
  • How to ensure the support bar you provide for your team is higher than the stress bar your stars experience 

Jen Ashrafi

Senior Leadership Development and Engagement Specialist


Jen Ashrafi is a senior virtual delivery and engagement specialist for Allstate’s Enterprise L&D team. After spending over 15 years interacting with listeners, interviewing artists, and discussing current events and more in the broadcasting industry, Jen transitioned to her current role with Allstate in early 2020. Jen’s L&D philosophy is to have a little bit of fun while learning a lot, because taking yourself too seriously is a barrier to growth.

William Oakley

Senior Leadership Development and Engagement Specialist


William Oakley has presented to over 750,000 people across four continents. He’s a professional educator, with seven years of classroom education experience. He currently serves as a virtual delivery and engagement specialist for the Enterprise Learning and Development team at Allstate, where he uses his experience to make boring stuff not boring and to inspire people to enjoy learning.