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708 Beyond Translation: Delivering Leadership Development to Diverse Frontline Managers

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

Are you struggling to keep up with your diverse and multilingual learners’ needs? Offering a one-size-fits-all solution may contribute to this issue and create barriers to learning transfer and application. What are you willing to reconsider in the design and delivery of your learning and development opportunities? Including the learners’ needs and preferences in your needs analysis can ensure your solution meets the mark and make an impact on the learners and the organization. 

In this case study session, find out how Baker Construction Enterprises (BCE) offered frontline-level leadership development in both English and Spanish. We will share the lessons learned when translating for a diverse group of Spanish speakers—many of which apply to diversity beyond language.  

You’ll examine some of your own learners’ needs and diverse differences, and, through interactive discussion, have the opportunity to share and compare them with others. You will leave with templates and checklists, including questions to help you determine if you should be offering bi- or multi-lingual training, sample learner personas for L&D, and questions to ask if you are designing a course with language considerations. The insight and tools gleaned from this BCE case study can help make your journey even more successful. You’ll leave inspired to further investigate how you could implement improved training for diverse learners at your organization! 

In this session, you will learn: 

  • How to use analysis tools and data to determine learner needs and preferences 
  • What questions to ask to determine if your L&D opportunities should be offered in another language 
  • What questions to ask when designing learning with language considerations 

Lisa Foster

Field Development Specialist

Baker Construction Enterprises

Lisa Foster, a Dallas native, is a passionate, bilingual, leadership and development professional empowering others through education and training. Lisa has a bachelor’s in Spanish with a marketing minor from Texas Tech University. Currently, Lisa enjoys teaching leadership courses and coaching frontline leaders for Baker Construction Enterprise as a field development specialist.

Lisa has worked and taught in various industries over 20+ years in training and development. Topics taught include Spanish for the healthcare professional, English for manufacturing, critical thinking, and safety culture transformation. What inspires her most is encouraging and equipping people with the knowledge and confidence to be their best selves.

Susana Reyes Lee

Field Development Specialist

Baker Construction Enterprises

Susana Reyes Lee, PhD, CPTD, is a bilingual Dominican-American leadership development and career strategist. Dr. Lee is a training leader at Baker Construction Enterprise who is empowering frontline leaders to rebuild their own brand, shatter the status quo, and strengthen the company’s brand through their coworkers.

As a corporate training and organizational development executive with over 20 years of experience, she has designed, delivered, and managed face-to-face, blended, virtual, and eLearning programs. She’s recertified as a Certified Professional in Talent Development through 2024 and holds a PhD from the School of Leadership and Human Resource Development at Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!).