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407 Build Connection & Leverage the Power of Peer Coaching

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM ET
Monday, November 7

Tracks: Leadership

Accelerating change in organizations around the world has forced L&D organizations to quickly adopt new approaches to create more meaningful employee experiences. In our new hybrid and remote working environments, connecting employees in meaningful ways is more important than ever as we seek to drive engagement and retention. Learning leaders are uniquely positioned to make an impact by equipping employees with specific tools, capabilities, and strategies to build relationships. How is the learning being reinforced? How can we create spaces where employees can hold each other accountable for making change? What can learning organizations do bring the organization’s purpose to life for employees and leaders? This session will explore how peer coaching can effectively address those questions.

The purpose of ICF—to build a more prosperous and resilient world for all—is woven throughout our learning programs to ensure every employee understands the meaning and impact of their work. Like many organizations, ICF invested in the employee experience throughout the pandemic as a way to ensure that ICF is a place where all employees feel welcomed, valued, and respected. This session will include an overview of the design, development, and implementation phases of ICF’s diversity and inclusion learning journey and the new hire onboarding experience. We’ll explore the multi-phased approach, including our assessment of current programs, gaining senior leader support and sponsorship, the launch of training courses, and the implementation of peer coaching technology for reinforcement and accountability. This session will emphasize the power of peer coaching for accelerating culture change in any organization. Our structured approach has provided an ongoing platform for employees, leaders, and learning champions to reflect on what they’ve learned in training courses, to be vulnerable and transparent with others, and to hold each other accountable for taking action. The session will highlight how ICF recognized the importance of engaging senior leadership early on in the process to gain their commitment and sponsorship, and it will highlight the importance of change management activities when launching high-visibility and high-impact learning programs. Our solution made an immediate impact, and it’s one that can be implemented at an organization of any size.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Specific skills and strategies for building more inclusive organizational cultures
  • How change management can be done to effectively implement innovative learning programs and solutions
  • The power of peer coaching and how it can be used as a tool for learning reinforcement and accountability
  • How peer coaching technology can provide meaningful metrics for measuring connection and belonging in organizations

Lindsay Landry

Learning & Development Program Manager


Lindsay Landry is a learning and development professional at ICF, where she manages the onboarding experience for all new hires and is the lead learning business partner for employees that work in public relations, marketing, and advertising. She is passionate about continuously finding ways to improve the learner experience and enjoys working with stakeholders to create programs that make an impact. After spending 10 years working with clients directly, she knows the importance of maximizing learners’ precious time available for impactful growth and development.

Travis Mears

Senior Director of Accounts & Customer Success


What do you get when you cross a former dean of students “wanna be,” part-time CrossFit coach, culinary connoisseur, and disruptive thinker? Just add 2 tbsp surprise + 1 ½ tbsp wit + a dash intellect, whisk together and that’s Travis! In his current role, Travis Mears supports enterprise partners domestically and internationally as Imperative’s senior director of accounts & customer success. Over the course of his career, Travis has used his gift for gab to disrupt systems, establish strong partnerships, and lead others to success. Travis believes the phrase, “we’ve always done it this way,” is no longer the right way.

Justin Welk

Talent Management Lead


Justin Welk is a talent management leader who has over 10 years of experience designing and managing enterprise-wide learning programs and organizational change. Throughout his career he’s had an opportunity to work in a variety of industries including marketing/advertising, consulting, and retail. During his time working for one of America’s largest retailers, he led enterprise-wide changes on building a more purpose-driven organization. Currently at ICF, Justin has been on the leading edge of redesigning performance management approaches and equipping people managers and employees to have more frequent and effective coaching conversations.