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307 Build Empathetic Trainers: Strategies and Tools for Any Organization

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM ET
Monday, November 7

Tracks: Leadership

Empathy is a force of power. When trainers practice their skills through an approach that emphasize the uniqueness of their peer learners, they connect, understand, and ultimately reduce the time to train because they offer relationship-based learning.

This session provides the how-to behind a field-proven approach for creating a train the trainer program. Connecting curated resources with learning-ready practices, we will discuss strategies that help you know your learner, know yourself, use master training tools, and connect what you do with real business objectives. You will learn how to apply an empathetic formula for creating a train the trainer program for your organization, leveling the playing field between the trainer and the trained.

We will start with an introduction to research-based strategies that help you understand the adults in your learning ecosystem. You will learn how to create a culture of learning, work to normalize the balance of power in an adult classroom, and build relationships with learners as your peers. You will also learn how to provide multiple modes of learning, allowing you to work with adults who may have learning or language issues, and define a program that is accessible to all learners. You will then learn how to conduct training for trainers that helps them understand their training and learning personas, while they learn how to most effectively communicate and reach their learners. Finally, you will receive evaluation tools that provide the foundation for individual development and career pathing. These help the program administer develop a growth-based mindset when they approach the strategic planning of their future team. Discussion, storytelling, tools for every budget and real-world strategies will give you everything you need to create a truly unique train the trainer program that shifts the focus to the learner while answering the needs of the business. You will leave with a “how and why” toolkit that can be bent and twisted to match your unique corporate objectives.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Adult learning basics
  • How to evaluate trainers and plan their growth
  • How to provide accessibility to all learners
  • How to build a train the trainer that matches both business and learner needs

Erin Donovan

Director of Learning Operations


Dr. Erin Donovan is a learning leader. Throughout her career she has supported the learner, whether they were in the classroom, on the sales floor, in the boardroom, on the phone, or on the production line. She embraces the modern learner and strives to be a force for forward-thinking change. She offers creativity, a connection to data, an agile planning mentality, and the need to be close and serve those who actually do the work.