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1001 Can You Really Measure Business Impact with Training?

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM ET
Wednesday, November 9

Tracks: Strategies

Do you shift slightly in your seat or feel the heat on the back of your neck when the executive meeting turns to the inevitable conversation about how to effectively measure the impact business ROI? Is this really even possible? If you desire to become the trusted strategic partner that contributes to the revenue growth and success of your organization without breaking out into a sweat, then you’ll need to have a plan. Let’s get honest and talk about what’s working, what’s not, and how can we strategize to break through the barriers that make this feel impossible. Together we can elevate our profession and the impact we create in our organizations and become the next best version of business leaders we desire to be.

This discussion will focus on three central problems that create the biggest barriers to creating measurable ROI in the business. Together we can leave this session equipped with a tool kit of resources and a new group of connections and leave behind the frustration of trying to figure out these complicated issues on our own.

Problem #1. The business unit asks for training to solve problems that are staffing issues, procedure or systems issues, or even product design issues. How do you successfully tell senior leaders that their request won’t solve the real problem?

Problem #2. “But I need it now, not four months from now.” Every training leader has experienced the frustration of knowing good training takes time to produce. How do you balance these needs? What’s the best way to deliver immediate training support? Do you have the right people on your team to implement? How do you utilize strategic partnerships?

Problem #3. The training mechanisms that we’ve relied on for decades—such as workshops, seminars, and eLearning courses—don’t move the performance needle. Their function is to expand awareness and increase higher level thinking, not increase performance. What strategies actually create performance results? How are you utilizing new technology? What are you tracking and measuring to show results? What if you want to try something new, but can’t get the buy-in you need?

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to increase performance and training results
  • How to deliver successful results to the business in less time
  • How to cultivate buy-in for new initiatives with senior leaders
  • New trends that work in the virtual environment

Susan Gatti

Fractional CLO & CEO

ImmixID Consulting

Susan Gatti is owner and chief learning officer of ImmixID, a learning performance company designed to ensure learning drives performance. For two decades Susan has crafted learning solutions that drive the performance of people, products, and services. She served in leadership roles in corporate learning for Commerce Bank, W Hotels, and Ann Taylor Corp before launching her own instructional design company. Focusing on the business side of learning, Susan has developed a proven business model and approach to creating an on-demand virtual learning team; instantly mobilized to provide clients with the best talent in areas of instructional design, graphic design, programming, multi-media, and project management.