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612 Driving Scalable, Measurable, and Lasting Organizational Change

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Tuesday, November 8

The last several years have brought together two key aspects of corporate life: Change has become a constant, and power has shifted to employees. This means that how we deploy change matters if we want to achieve business goals and leave employees feeling valued versus disengaged. Unfortunately, according to McKinsey & Company, over 70% of change initiatives don’t deliver their expected results. Most change initiatives fail due to current approaches that are overly event-based and content-push focused. They do not recognize the engagement needs of those impacted. Employees experience implementation as a disconnected world of communication, learning, and project plans that leaves them confused and unable to act. Even worse, change leaders don’t have the measurement systems they need to monitor and adjust their plans. As a result, the initiative withers on the vine, and the company wastes precious time and money.

In this session, I will explore how to drive successful large-scale behavior change and the role of L&D in the process. I will begin by discussing our common experience with change and the five shifts required to achieve a more people centric approach. Next, I will discuss the issues of scale and the use of technology. I will outline the technology components needed to scale a people-centered approach and contrast those needs with current realities. I will offer a view of how to scale change that is both effective and easy to manage by providing a more unified experience where employees and change leaders have what they need to initiate, scale, and sustain change in one place.

The session will conclude with a facilitated discussion of L&D’s role in people-centered change to identify strategies that elevate impact.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The five shifts needed to implement a people-centric approach to change
  • The four capabilities needed to drive change initiative success
  • What technologies are needed to initiate, scale, and sustain people-centric change
  • The current state and potential actions for one of your change initiatives, as assessed against the 5 shifts and 4 capabilities
  • How to incorporate change performance measures in your L&D analytics toolkit
  • Practical ways to elevate your role and impact in change initiatives

Larry Mohl



Larry Mohl is the founder of Rali. Larry started his career as an engineer in R&D and engineering management at Motorola, Inc. He moved to a leadership role driving the company’s adoption of Six Sigma and continuous improvement. He was subsequently named the head of Global Knowledge Management, where he led the development of communities of practice. Larry has served as chief learning officer for the Cellular Division at Motorola Inc., The American Express Company, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. He has developed innovative approaches to learning and performance change using technology for engagement at scale. Larry is an author and frequent speaker.