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108 Expand the Lens of Leadership: The Opportunity for Women to Rise

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM ET
Monday, November 7

Tracks: Leadership

In today’s environment, new behaviors and traits are required for leaders; we see an increased need for leaders with empathy, compassion, and vulnerability. Leaders with these traits are engaging today’s talent and building inclusive cultures while tapping into a wider range of diverse thinking and innovation. Companies need to build cultures that are inclusive and equitable; workplace equity doesn’t exist unless employees can see it. Men are returning to the workforce at a faster rate than women. Women bring the in-demand leadership qualities that are needed for navigating the future of organizations and teams, yet are challenged with more home responsibilities and are leaving work at concerning rates. Women need to apply key strategies for dealing with career and life demands and lean into their leadership and take their right place as a leaders.

In this session, we will conduct a frank and actionable discussion on how organizations can take steps to build a more inclusive culture and mitigate the great resignation of so many talented women in the workforce. You will explore five leadership attributes and innovative practices that will unlock new thinking and intentional action for creating inclusive and equitable work cultures that drive gender balance. You will understand how women are the critical link for setting a new standard of leadership that aligns with today’s new workplace, and learn four important attributes for women to elevate their leadership and be a catalyst for change that drives greater innovation, talent engagement, and inclusion within their teams and organizations.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What we have learned from the last two years of the pandemic and disruptive trends that are setting the new norms in the workplace
  • Today’s new Sticky Floors for both organizations and women—and how to best address them
  • How top CEOs are leading their companies to harness the broad range of diverse talent
  • How the lens of leadership is shifting, and ways women are transforming today’s leadership models
  • Four keys to empower women to elevate their careers, expand their influence, champion gender equity, and have greater leadership impact

Kerry Preston

Senior Facilitator & Executive Coach

SHAMBAUGH Leadership

Kerry Preston is a senior SHAMBAUGH leadership faculty member, professional facilitator, and executive coach with over 25 years of experience in leadership, learning and development, focus group moderation, and organizational development. She has coached leaders and executives located in the Americas, Asia, and Europe with an emphasis on personal leadership, executive presence, team performance, and strategic business acceleration.
Kerry has worked with Fortune 500 companies and leaders to help them reach their full potential. Kerry spent over 10 years with Unilever, eventually taking her expertise to deliver targeted leadership and organizational development solutions and executive coaching for IBM, Equifax, Hilton, Marriott, Shiseido Americas, Mastercard, Moet Hennessy USA, Johnson & Johnson, and CSL Behring. She has appeared on CNN Headline News, featured in NJ Monthly, and written for Gannet’s Business Etiquette. A graduate of Rowan University who values serving in her community, Kerry is on the board of directors of Diva For A Day, and she is a monthly facilitator for Dress For Success Professional Women’s Group.