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111 How to Deliver and Measure Training in the New Era of L&D

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM ET
Monday, November 7

For most of its history, L&D has been focused on educating employees. But times are changing. Going forward, more than half of all L&D efforts will include external audiences: Customers and partners. This represents both a challenge and an opportunity. Customer and partner education can be challenging. Businesses can’t simply lift and shift the learning strategy they used for internal audiences and expect it to work for external ones. But for organizations that can succeed in external training, the benefits are immense: Improved revenue, customer loyalty, and time-to-profitability.

This session will address the challenge of external learning programs; teaching the audience how to deliver effective learning to customers and partners and measure its impact. It will dive deep into internal and external audiences and the differences between them, outlining best practices for delivering effective learning.

It will summarize the Kirkpatrick Model of training evaluation and provide details about how to measure the effectiveness of learning programs at each level. Attendees will learn how to go beyond basic metrics like ‘engagement’ to prove the tangible ROI of their L&D efforts. We will cover best practices in learning design, as well as walk through case studies that showcase excellence in external training.

In this session you will learn:

  • The differences between internal and external audiences and how those differences impact learning design
  • Tips and best practices around the design and delivery or learning materials
  • The Kirkpatrick Model of training evaluation and how to level up their measurement practice
  • The best metrics to look at to prove the ROI of their internal and external L&D programs

Kevin DeCastro

Enterprise Sales Executive


Kevin DeCastro is an enterprise account executive with Docebo. He dedicates his time to helping the world’s largest enterprises shape their learning & development vision and strategy. Prior to joining Docebo, Kevin gained extensive experience in a wide variety of industries, which he has used toward in the success of his current role.