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103 Fuel Sustained Behavior Change, Accountability & Growth with a Continuous Learning Culture

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM ET
Tuesday, December 5

Are you struggling to foster sustainable behavior change through your learning and development (L&D) initiatives? Are you observing a trend of leaders delegating their responsibility to develop their teams to L&D? Are you concerned about the effectiveness of your learning solutions in delivering the desired impact?

To address these issues, it is imperative to implement strategies and approaches that foster a culture of learning and encourage leaders to take accountability for their team’s development. This approach goes beyond delivering isolated learning events and aims to establish a continuous learning environment that supports ongoing development and growth.

In this session, we will explore effective strategies for establishing a learning environment that promotes sustained behavior change. We will introduce a model that can guide the design of impactful learning solutions. Furthermore, we will emphasize the importance of creating opportunities for self-discovery and incorporating peer learning to enhance the learning experience for participants.

We will also discuss ways to ensure that leaders are active participants in the learning process and accountable for supporting, coaching, and mentoring their team members to reinforce behavior change. Additionally, we will highlight methods and approaches for connecting learning initiatives to business strategy by incorporating senior leaders as faculty. By the end of the session, you will have gained practical insights and actionable strategies to drive meaningful change and promote a culture of continuous learning in your organization.

In this session you will learn:

  • The critical role that self-discovery plays in fostering sustained behavior change and identify strategies for incorporating self-reflection and other self-discovery activities into learning and development initiatives
  • To identify and apply strategies for incorporating peer learning into learning solutions to enhance the learning experience and promote sustained behavior change
  • To identify strategies for engaging leaders as learning partners, holding them accountable for learning results, and supporting their efforts to reinforce desired behaviors in their teams
  • To identify and apply strategies for leveraging senior leaders as faculty to contextualize learning content and align learning initiatives with broader business strategy

Sheri Ova

Senior Manager, Leadership Development

American Airlines

Sheri Ova is senior manager for leadership and targeted development at American Airlines, where she leads a team responsible for designing and delivering leadership development programs and resources to over 5,500 leaders across the organization. With a wealth of experience in team member engagement and leader development, Sheri joined American Airlines in 2015 and has since held various roles of increasing responsibility. Sheri holds a bachelor of business administration from Southwestern Adventist University and a master of business administration from University of Texas at Arlington.