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1006 If You’re Not Using a Blended Learning Approach, You’re Doing It Wrong 

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM ET
Wednesday, November 9

Many L&D teams focus on content development and delivering training via a learning management system (LMS) or in the classroom. When the global pandemic hit, it became clear that a single option for delivery was not effective. L&D teams struggled to meet their organizations’ learning needs because of content delivery blinders. There was a mad dash to virtual training, creating endless hours of snooze-worthy, mind-numbing, inadequate so-called learning. The world of L&D has changed, and neither in-person nor virtual training alone is the solution: To thrive in this new world, you need a blended learning approach. 

Blended learning refers to combining online learning and traditional classroom teaching. In this case study, find out how a regional L&D team went from classroom-only to a successful blended learning model. You will learn how the team used the blended learning approach to move from a single access point to multiple access points for learning. Together, we’ll explore different tools and platforms used to reach and engage learners and analyze the strategies used to design, build, and implement the new approach. Finally, you will learn how the blended learning approach delivers on business critical KPIs. 

In this session, you will learn how to: 

  • Design and customize a blended learning model 
  • Implement and market a blended learning model 
  • Leverage a blended learning model to increase diversity and access to learning 
  • Use a blended learning model to drive L&D and business critical KPIs 

April Vernon

Corporate Trainer


April Vernon is the North America corporate trainer for Leadec. With a unique background in academia, she applies a fresh perspective to the world of business by designing research-based educational programs. She has 25 years of experience designing learning experiences and has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. April is a seasoned conference speaker and is passionate about engaging audiences with practical strategies and game plans they can use right away.