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505 Implement a Future-Focused Core Capabilities Program 

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM ET
Tuesday, November 8

Tracks: Strategies

With ongoing training needs that require constant attention, many organizations find it hard to introduce new skills that will ready their business for the future. How do you lead your organization to make this critical shift? What are some strategies for tackling future-focused skill-building in a smart and scalable way? A collaborative, efficient, and unified approach to skill-building is the secret.

This session will show how you can create a unified vision for employee development and a plan for centralized skill-building with an enterprise-wide emphasis on core and future capabilities. We’ll share our experience of solving this problem at The Hanover, including the strategies Emily Robbins used to bring her vision to life and the lessons she and her team learned along the way. We’ll explore the creative launch plan Emily developed with the support of strategy consultant Julie Dozier. We’ll discuss the ways we coordinated with business leaders to identify current performance gaps and the necessary skills to drive business results, then built a strategy to communicate, obtain leadership buy-in, and generate ideas for future-focused skills that would transform the organization. You’ll leave with a blueprint for implementing a future-focused core capabilities program.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Connect employee needs to skills that will propel their performance
  • Develop a business-first strategy that resonates with your leadership
  • Launch a skill-building program in a way that motivates and mobilizes your organization

Julie Dozier


Tangram Learning

Julie Dozier works with learning teams to increase their organizations’ appetite for development and connect the power of learning to business results. Previously, she was the head of learner experience & innovation at Kraft Heinz. She also managed a global curriculum at McDonald’s, designed learning solutions at AllenComm, and started her career as a junior high English teacher. Julie is passionate about simplification, continuous improvement, and finding ideas in the most unlikely places. 

Emily Robbins

AVP Learning and Development

The Hanover

Emily Robbins, AVP learning and development at The Hanover, designs employee-centric learning strategies that achieve better business outcomes. With a master’s degree in adult education from Northeastern, design experience at Staples, and now AVP Learning and Development at The Hanover, Emily aspires to be ahead of the curve and create the learning culture of the future.