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711 Interactive Video eLearning for the Automotive Aftermarket Repair Sector

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM ET
Tuesday, November 8

How would you maximize the skill set of your employees in an industry that is rather conservative when it comes to using training methods? This was the problem that we had to deal with. We wanted to really stretch the skill set of our compact team to produce stimulating and original content to be consumed on a new global LMS.

As if that wasn’t challenging enough, this had to be realized in different countries and regions, and in several European languages. We needed a solution that was innovative and creative, one that did not follow the traditional formats as seen in many eLearning courses. And we found it!

eLearning can be boring or tough to swallow for the consumer, so why not do it differently? To maximize the skill set of our team and create original content, we learned that we had to turn things around.

With a strong focus on innovation and trust in the skills of our employees, we were able to redesign our training courses and delivery methods. We found our solution in a software package for creating interactive videos, allowing us to take our training videos to the next level.

With the HiHaHo software, we were able to do everything ourselves, no major content agencies needed, which was perfect. On top of that, we found a solution to the issue of multilingualism: a smart AI to help us with all the audio translations that needed to be done. Let us inspire you by telling our story, how our method evolved from linear YouTube videos to dynamic interactive learning videos integrated in our LMS.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Use the strengths of your team and stretch their capability
  • Embrace new communication platforms and integrate them into the work and team culture
  • Address hurdles when working across different countries and regions
  • Create refreshing learning even in a conservative environment
  • Let learners control their own pathway through the content

Stephen Naylor

Training Manager EMEA

Axalta Coating Refinish Systems

Stephen Naylor has spent 21 years at Axalta Coating Refinish Systems and is always focused on the training and technical areas of the business. He brings previous experience in the vehicle repair industry, leading to several years delivering national qualification programs in the UK further education sector.