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1003 Lead a Paradigm Shift: From Corporate Training to Organizational Learning

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM ET
Wednesday, November 9

Tracks: Strategies

Businesses are facing multiple challenges associated with their human capital; the pace of change will continue to accelerate with digital transformation and the new industrial revolution. A paradigm shift is required for business leaders, where their focus is not so much on training their workforce as it is geared toward providing the opportunity for individuals, teams, and the organization itself to learn and grow continuously. It is the responsibility of L&D professionals and learning leaders to embrace their expanded mission and promote this paradigm shift at every level of their organizations.

This session will ask you to explore current and upcoming human challenges associated with digital transformation and the new industrial revolution such as the automation of simple, routine tasks and the addition of new, complex tasks that require skills such as collaboration, problem solving, and creativity. It will have you face common perceptions associated with the corporate training paradigm and how they clash with Malcolm Knowles’ principles of andragogy, among other things. You will learn how organizational learning is an expanded vision on the development of individuals, teams, and the organization itself; and you will discover key activities associated with organization learning such as maximizing the learning capacity of individuals, democratizing the knowledge transfer capacity of individuals, maximizing the development of collective competencies, and optimizing the knowledge life cycle of the organization. You will explore a learning journey with the aim of making this paradigm shift occur and reflect on barriers and challenges faced along the way.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The corporate training paradigm
  • Why this paradigm has to shift
  • How organizational learning is key to support businesses in their digital transformation
  • What barriers, challenges, and pitfall await those who will take this route

Daniel Jacques

Organizational Learning Advisor


Daniel Jacques has been working in L&D for more than 15 years. He has completed a bachelor degree in English as a second language teaching at Laval University, and a masters degree in business administration at UQAM. Daniel has extensive experience in L&D for the insurance industry and he has played many roles such as trainer, instructional designer, training coordinator, learning solutions advisor, LMS administrator, PO of knowledge management, and more recently as an organizational learning advisor.