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810 Learner Agency: Tilting to a Support Model That Empowers Performance

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM ET
Tuesday, November 8

As we head into a future of hybridization and a new world of work, it’s clear that a traditional, top-down learning model of control and compliance can no longer sustain the results that drive employee performance. If we want our learning organizations to be innovative, responsive, and targeted to ensure impact, we must find new ways of empowering learners with the agency and support they need to succeed.

Based on our research findings from McKinsey’s Research and Innovation (R&I) Learning Lab, we learned that in the age of disruption, learning functions will be required to tilt from prescriptive learning to an approach that enables learner agency. In this session, we will share insights and intentional practices that foster learner agency. We will facilitate peer-to-peer discussions to get into deeper reflection on a few dimensions of our research including:

  • How to create an inclusive social structure
  • Moving  beyond the reliance of “collision moments”
  • Distributing teaching and learning practices among your organization

Your discussions and reflections will help you explore how your organization can better enable learner agency—putting empowerment, not content, at the center of the learning strategy. Doing so will help you move toward achieving meaningful and sustainable change, not just in difficult times or remote environments but always.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Highlights of our learner agency research that progressively maps out three dimensions and grades of empowerment
  • Tactical advice and tips on how to empower learner agency
  • A framework of recommendations and tools that shift ownership and control to learners

Jake Gittleson

Senior Expert, Learning Design

McKinsey & Company

Jake Gittleson leads McKinsey & Company’s Learning Research and Innovation Lab that is focused on creating a culture of sustained innovation through research, experimentation, education, and external partnerships. In addition to the lab responsibilities, Jake continues to provide global design support for some of the firm’s larger learning initiatives and programs. Jake also co-hosts The Learning Geeks podcast, has co-written learning articles on McKinsey Quarterly, and is a speaker at external events and conferences.

Suzy Robertson

Learning Design Specialist

McKinsey & Company

Suzy Robertson is a learning design specialist at McKinsey & Company and a contributor to their Learning Research and Innovation Lab. With a background in sociology and love for the arts, she enjoys working at the intersection of creativity, design, and empathy. Before transitioning into L&D, Suzy was a K-12 educator and is passionate about educational innovation and learner empowerment.