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403 Learning Personas: Empathy in Action

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM ET
Monday, November 7

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There is a lot of talk about “empathy” in the workplace, but how does one actually apply it, especially in a learning context? How should learning leaders apply empathy in their own organizations? Empathy involves seeing the world from someone else’s perspective and making decisions in accordance with their decision-making process. Leveraging practices used for years in the marketing industry for self-directed learning content is doable, sustainable, scalable, and successful.

In this session you’ll work on developing learning personas for your organization. You’ll learn the common motivations that drive engagement, the types of content that they find engaging in other areas of their lives, and how to think about content delivery and promotion to align with those motivations. You’ll start developing a map for how to approach course development, course listings, and course marketing that you can share with your team so you can start applying what you develop when you return home and train others to apply this methodology.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to align messaging with common motivations
  • What sort of content appeals most to those with each motivator
  • How to develop and manage multiple variations at scale

Lynne McNamee


Lone Armadillo Marketing Agency

Lynne McNamee is the president of Lone Armadillo Marketing Agency. She has managed marketing campaigns for companies such as Avis, HP, and Bank of America, and recently was the marketing director for Bluewater, consultants for learning, talent, and human capital management. Lone Armadillo Marketing Agency, which Lynne founded in 2008, specializes in strategy, plans, processes, and tactical execution of multi- and omni-channel marketing programs for B2B entrepreneurial companies. She has been a HubSpot partner since 2011. She was cited by The New York Times for innovations in marketing.