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602 Overcoming Online Culture Shock: Cultivate Online Community for Your Team

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

Organizations were forced to rapidly move to virtual teams and remote work, but what should they do now when employees react negatively or resist remote solutions as a result? How can organizations use this opportunity to make their online communities more effective than ever before—actively engaging with members while incorporating the tools needed for success? How can leaders develop and cultivate a robust, collaborative remote environment that supports staff in overcoming online culture shock and moving forward with hope and confidence?

This session explores specific skills and strategies leaders can use to develop robust remote learning and work environments, regardless of whether the team is fully remote, hybrid, or in person. Even “back to the office” doesn’t mean that there aren’t wonderful opportunities to leverage online tools for collaboration and community building. We will look at some of these tools and practices, taking note of which are easiest to implement, where you may encounter challenges that need to be overcome, and tips for how to push through the awkward and reap the benefits of a vibrant, thriving remote team environment.

I’ll share specific examples from across two different organizations—one fully remote, one hybrid—and share successes and failures we encountered along the way. You will leave the session with concrete, actionable steps you can take to guide your remote team development.

In this session you will learn:

  • The importance and value of intentional remote team building
  • Tools and strategies to support strong, remote teams
  • How to appropriately set expectations around when and how to build remote collaboration and community
  • When to expect resistance and how to push through the uncomfortable stages

Lita Bledsoe

Dir Online Operations & Learning Strategy

Oaks Christian Online

Lita Bledsoe has been a pioneer in online learning since early efforts with chatrooms more than 20 years ago. She’s been part of small to large teams and organizations and builds programs with scalable, sustainable solutions that focus on developing talent, streamlining processes, and improving offerings. Lita uses remote tools to build strong relationship and teams, create effective training and products, and facilitate learner engagement and success, while giving leaders time and tools to provide rich learning opportunities. Her greatest joy is creating solutions that meet a need and make it easier for people to work and learn.