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P03 Power Up Performance Through Workflow Learning

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM ET
Sunday, November 6

Room: Coronado FG

Learning leadership faces growing pressure to show a return on investment (ROI) for the dollars spent on training. True ROI—measurable impact—emerges in the workflow so the only way we can truly show ROI is by moving our efforts and deliverables into the workflow. Designing for this performance zone requires a fundamental shift in our thinking and in the design of our solutions. 

Performance-first solutions have a profound effect on training events, increasing their impact while reducing training time by as much as half. This workshop will equip you to lead the shift into the workflow through individual and small group activities. You’ll get firsthand experience of learning “in the flow of work” as we cover what workflow learning is, the business case that supports it, and how people learn in the workflow.

You’ll also participate in a “hackathon” where your small group will identify challenges and opportunities associated with workflow learning, and brainstorm approaches to tackling these challenges and optimizing the opportunities. We’ll explore what is required to shift your organization to workflow learning, including conducting a current and future-state assessment against our 5 Moments of Need Maturity Model. We’ll also examine lessons learned by companies that have made the shift.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How and why to make the case for adopting workflow learning
  • What your organization needs to do to make the shift
  • How to apply an audit process, assess readiness, and use the 5 Moments of Need Maturity Model at your organization
  • Who’s already made the shift and what they’ve learned

Chris King

Executive Director

5 Moments of Need Academy at APPLY Synergies

Chris King is a recent addition to APPLY Synergies, but a long-time practitioner of the 5 Moments of Need®. As the executive director of the 5 Moments of Need Academy, Chris is responsible for spreading the word about workflow learning and optimizing how organizations learn and perform. He leverages his credentials as a PMP, Certified ScrumMaster, 5 Moments of Need® Designer, and a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator to modernize the typical approach to learning.

Bob Mosher

CEO/Chief Learning Evangelist

APPLY Synergies & Co-Founder of the 5 Moments of Need Methodology

Bob Mosher, the chief learning evangelist at APPLY Synergies, has been an active and influential leader in the learning and training industry for over 30 years, and is renowned worldwide for his pioneering role in eLearning and new approaches to learning. Before co-founding APPLY Synergies consultancy with Conrad Gottfredson, Bob served as the chief learning evangelist for Ontuitive, director of learning strategy and evangelism for Microsoft, and executive director of education for Element K. He is an influential voice in the IT training industry, speaking at conferences and participating in industry associations. Bob was awarded the Guild Master Award in 2014 for his accomplishments and contributions to the eLearning community.