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502 Prevent Burnout on Your eLearning Development Team

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM ET
Tuesday, November 8

Tracks: Leadership

Burnout is an issue across all industries right now. Learning and leadership development professionals often work on multiple projects and wear multiple hats. This is particularly true for eLearning designers and developers, who are often tasked with being instructional designers, eLearning programmers, graphic designers, and activity managers on a single project. Learning leaders need to understand the causes of burnout and how they can address or prevent burnout in the way they lead and manage projects to enable their team to do its best and most creative work.

In this session you will learn ways to promote creativity and prevent burnout on your L&D team. First, we will discuss common causes of burnout in the workplace that are unique to learning and multimedia specialists, including the need to take on multiple roles, the time-consuming nature of the work, and delays that can be caused by client reviews. You will then learn tips and tools to set your team up for success. We will focus on the importance of setting realistic timelines and levels of effort (LOE), best practices for communicating and setting expectations with clients, and the importance of building in time for co-creation. You will learn how to use LOE and process tracking tools to create realistic expectations, ways to track your projected time against your actual time spent, and how to use that data to inform more realistic project constraints moving forward. With these realistic expectations, your team will have the time and space they need to tap into their creativity and do their best work. Finally, you will learn ways to foster that creativity through group exercises, co-creation, and an expectation to learn through trial and error.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What causes burnout on a learning and development team
  • Ways to create realistic expectations with clients that prevent burnout on your team
  • How to outline and track level of effort across key eLearning milestones
  • Ways to foster creativity on your eLearning development team

May Chang

Senior Instructional Technology Specialist

EnCompass LLC

May Chang is the eLearning lead of the EnCompass Digital Learning Hub, a group of instructional technology specialists who design and develop technology-enhanced learning solutions for international organizations and governments, nonprofits, and foundations. As a senior instructional technology specialist, May leads eLearning teams from project kickoff to evaluation, supervises and mentors colleagues at all levels, and implements innovative approaches that reimagine the eLearning experience and boost learner performance. She is also a longtime teacher, coach, and published writer.

Soojin Ku

Learning Experience Design Manager II

EnCompass LLC

Soojin Ku is a learning experience design manager II at EnCompass. She is responsible for managing a team of six who lead the company’s eLearning and multimedia efforts. Soojin also works across the company and project teams to design and deliver effective (a)synchronous virtual learning solutions for mostly government clients. She holds a master’s degree in global policy and affairs from Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies and a bachelor’s in international studies from University of Washington.