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1005 Scale Your Learning: Empower SMEs to Develop Their Own Learning Programs

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM ET
Wednesday, November 9

Tracks: Strategies

Are you challenged with more requests for training content than your team can provide? This has become the reality for many large organizations, and we are all struggling. Your success comes from your ability to scale the development aspect of your programs without adding staff to do it. The good news is that your SMEs can help—and many want to. But we need to help them first.

In this session you will learn about eight frameworks our learning team built and are providing to our SMEs so they can self-serve when it comes to content and program creation. Those frameworks are podcast-style interview or discussion; masterclass; virtual summit; lunch and learn; bootcamp cohort; informal mentorship; self-paced, SME-created content.

To demonstrate the value of using frameworks, you will have an opportunity to practice applying these frameworks to real-world scenarios with your fellow participants. The goal of using these frameworks is to empower your SMEs to perform more of the “heavy-lifting” that comes with training program development. This allows you, the learning team, to take on more projects and scale your capabilities to improve your business. As a participant, you will receive all eight of our frameworks for you to take back to your business and apply to your own situations.

In this session, you will learn to:

  • Define the eight frameworks shared in this presentation
  • Create frameworks for learning programs of your own
  • Prescribe and assist in applying various frameworks to business training needs
  • Compare and contrast the processes of “Done By You,” “Done With You,” and “Done For You” training programs

Barry Nadler

Learning Performance Consultant


Barry Nadler has been an instructional designer for about 20 years. He currently is a thought leader on a training team that provides internal systems training to the largest financial technology company, FIS. He has been active with ATD through the Central Florida chapter. This includes board-level positions, co-chairing the volunteer committee for their ICE conference several years ago, leading two instructional design bootcamps, being involved in leading various training events for the chapter, and currently leads the LXD SIG.