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312 Panel – The Impact of IT Certification on Employee Retention and Skills Gaps

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM ET
Monday, November 7

The United States’ leadership position in the tech industry may be at risk, thanks to the global talent shortage. According to consulting firm Korn Ferry, when considering tech alone, the U.S. stands to lose upwards of $162 billion in revenue unless it finds—or trains—more high-tech workers to fill that skills gap. Faced with this conundrum, how are companies adapting and what are they doing to resolve it?

Findings from recent global surveys of the IT community, including employers, showed that the IT community places a great deal of value on certification and credentialing. Our analysis of the survey data revealed a clear and common thread: the importance individuals place on IT certification and the sustained efforts most put into attaining their goals (Pearson VUE 2021 Value of IT Certification Report).

The results also showed that many employers, struggling to build teams able to keep pace with technological advancements and frustrated by the resulting skills gaps, began considering anew the value that IT certifications might offer. And as they realized outcomes like improved quality of work, productivity, efficiency, innovation, and the ability to mentor others, the downstream impacts to profitability began to reveal themselves as well (Pearson VUE 2021 Value of IT Certification Employer Report). Certification helped most respondents fill a skills gap and improve their job performance; they also enjoyed pay raises, promotions, and the newfound respect of leaders and peers. And it wasn’t just the individuals who felt the positive impacts.

Employers reaped the benefits of certification by gaining employees with increased quality of work, higher productivity, greater efficiency, and stronger mentoring skills. It’s clear that in today’s IT workforce, certifications are rapidly becoming more of an imperative than a superfluous qualification.

This panel discussion will reveal key takeaways from the research reports, together with steps to mitigate bottom-line impacts, close skills gaps, and boost everything from productivity to morale.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why people pursue IT certifications
  • How and why businesses are investing in upskilling
  • About the impacts of IT certification on talent acquisition and retention
  • More on the potential ROI for the organization

John Casella

National Director


John Casella has nearly 15 years of experience designing, leading, and implementing innovative workforce services and programs, including those in IT. John provides oversight, performance management, and strategic direction of the JobWorks Education & Training division, where he helps to bridge the tech talent gap across the US. John contributes to the management and development of JobWorks virtual products and platforms, including the JobWorks Virtual Job Fair Platform, Learning Management System, and more. John holds a master’s degree from Temple University and a bachelor’s from Rutgers University.

Scott Thompson

IT-Pro Territory Manager

Pearson VUE

Scott Thompson has 16+ years of experience in the credentialing and assessment industry. He currently serves as an IT-Pro Territory Manager with Pearson VUE, where he helps empower learners with world class learning materials and certification.

Teresa Truong

Marketplace Diversity Manager


Teresa Truong is a marketplace diversity manager at TEKsystems who is responsible for building innovative Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion solutions for the organization’s financial services customers. Teresa is a trained DEI practitioner with a passion for creating transformative change that enables individuals to feel respected, valued, understood, and heard. Based out of Providence, RI, Teresa loves spending her free time with her husband, Scott, and their two boys.