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501 The Power of Trust: Navigating the Flexible Workplace

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM ET
Wednesday, December 6

The importance of the role of the manager was spotlighted during the pandemic as some teams thrived and others failed. The shift to flexible work has introduced a new set of challenges for managers, who are now tasked with maintaining productivity among their employees while navigating the unique distractions of the flexible workplace.

But in the quest to boost productivity, managers may inadvertently be sabotaging their team’s performance by implementing strategies that do more harm than good. To be successful in today’s flexible workplace, managers must stay clear of myths about the different work models and focus on the “right” priorities.

This session aims to help people managers understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the flexible workplace. In this session we will examine the concept of trust in people management. We’ll discuss the significance of trust-building with teams and stakeholders—and how this impacts organizational performance. Then, I will share strategies managers can use to focus on the “right” priorities and navigate tensions in team dynamics to better develop and sustain trust within their teams.

We will also explore the key attributes and skills effective managers require in order to develop and maintain trust with their teams. You’ll leave equipped with strategies successful people managers can use to create a culture of trust within their organizations by setting a positive example and modeling trustworthy behaviors.

In this session you will learn:

  • To identify common challenges and opportunities presented by the flexible workplace—and learn how to navigate them as a people manager
  • The role of trust in people management, its significance with teams and stakeholders, and how it impacts organizational performance
  • Evidence-based competencies and strategies successful people managers use to create a culture of trust within their organizations

Hakeem Basheer

Learning and Organizational Development Programs Manager

Carnival Cruise Line

Hakeem Basheer is a learning and organizational development programs manager at Carnival Cruise Line. A dynamic, insightful leader with the ability to balance team, process, and business to drive success, Abd enjoys working with smart, dynamic people, creating opportunities, improving daily, and having a lot of fun. Believing that, since we spend a lot of time at work, we should make it the best experience possible, Abd follows these principles: 1) People first 2) Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness 3) Never forget the end goal.