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608 Transform Your Workforce Through Reskilling, Upskilling & Pipeline Development

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Tuesday, November 8

Tracks: Strategies

Lack of opportunities for career advancement and promotion were two of the top reasons that employees have cited as the reason they left their employer during the Great Resignation. As learning leaders, we must look beyond the training that employees simply need to perform their current role. We must look forward to where each of our organizations will be in the years ahead and identify the skills and roles that will be needed in the future. We can use these skills and roles to work backward to provide career advancement opportunities through reskilling, upskilling, and pipeline development programs.

In this session we will explore the key differences between training, reskilling, upskilling, outskilling, and pipeline development. We will also look at real case studies of each and discuss the tactics that were used to sponsor and fund each of these as business imperatives rather than learning initiatives.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What differentiates training, reskilling, upskilling, outskilling, and pipeline development
  • Why each of these is essential to the future of your business
  • How organizations have sponsored and funded development initiatives

Frank Nguyen

Learning Executive

Dr. Frank Nguyen is a learning executive who specializes in transforming learning organizations through strategy and technology. He has led enterprise learning for Fortune companies including AIG, Amazon, American Express, Intel, MicroAge, and Sears. Frank has published extensively on the intersection of eLearning, instructional design, and performance support. He is a recipient of the Learning Guild Master and the ISPI Distinguished Dissertation awards. His work on compliance training, learning strategy, business transformation, and technology have been recognized by Brandon Hall and Chief Learning Officer. Frank has served on a variety of learning industry committees for Adobe, ATD, BJET, Brandon Hall, eLearning Guild, and ISPI.