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605 Turn Your Learning Data into Compelling & Impactful Stories

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

We live in a world that is obsessed with data collection, and your LMS is no exception to this. But how do we share that data in a meaningful way? Often data is shared using a firehose approach, leaving our audience struggling to find meaning and unable to draw actionable insights. As L&D leaders, we must dig deeper and go beyond facts and figures to become better at telling data stories that are compelling and impactful.

Data storytelling offers an engaging communication tool that presents data in a way that is compelling, human-centered, and impactful. In this session we will explore ways to use data storytelling to persuade and engage. We will outline the key benefits of using data storytelling when sharing data with your audience and discuss ways to draw key insights from learning data and craft an engaging, relatable narrative. You will learn to use key elements of analysis storytelling to convert your data into relatable stories and effectively engage your audience with the right level of detail. You will leave this session equipped to present your data in a way that will inform business decisions, offer deep insight into your learning organization, and optimize your learning experiences.

In this session you will learn:

  • The benefits of using data storytelling to engage and communicate meaning to your audience
  • How to use your LMS data to tell compelling stories and convey meaning
  • Key data visualization tools, techniques, and elements of analysis storytelling that help you tell data stories
  • How to present data that will offer deep insight, inform business decisions, and optimize learning experiences

Ravena Ramphal

Learning Design Team Lead


Ravena Ramphal has over two decades of experience in learning design, people development, and implementing digital learning platforms across various industries. Her goal is to inspire a culture of learning through engaging experiences and the use of technology. She collaborates with business leaders to understand functional challenges, gather different perspectives, and drive employee performance. Ravena holds a bachelor’s degree in English/communications and post graduate certificates in adult learning, learning design, and technical communications.