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605 Unleash Potential: A Leadership Development Journey

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Tuesday, November 8

Tracks: Leadership

Leadership development is challenging. Knowing how to build and execute a leadership development program that unleashes the potential in future leaders and cultivates high-performing teams with an underdeveloped learning culture and limited resources is a most difficult undertaking; however, it is possible.

Leadership development is a completely new game if you want to have sustainable, transformational impact that’s felt at every level. You need to ensure that leadership gaps are avoided, especially in the face of change, by increasing the ability to respond rapidly in unpredictable business environments. How do you inspire and transform a workplace into a great place to work? Build and foster a vibrant work environment that makes employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to push their limits and excel. The focus has to be on enhancing competencies, advancing careers in an attainable and fulfilling manner, and developing mindsets. A dedication to the development of real, not only technical skills, to drive performance, achieve strategic goals, and the employee’s personal development journey, has to take precedence. In this session, we will share highlights of our journey, including obtaining buy-in from executive leadership, identifying competencies for success, developing robust program content, providing resources using a blended learning approach, and establishing measurable benchmarks to determine success.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How an employee voice survey sparked leadership transformation
  • A three-tiered approach to grow new leaders
  • Why a competency framework is foundational
  • Pain points encountered and necessary redirects

Kat Black

Learning & Development Advisor

Pinellas County Government

Kat Black is a learning & development advisor at Pinellas County Government. She is an experienced instructor in both real and technical skills and the administrator of the organization’s online Learning portal, ULearnIT, and Learning Resources SharePoint sites. Kat is a significant contributor and promoter of learning agility to build a learning culture. She has a BAS in technology management.

Audrey Savas

Human Resources Officer

Pinellas County Government

Audrey Savas is a human resources officer at Pinellas County Government. She is an experienced operational manager, strategic thought partner, and leader of organizational culture. With 25+ years of progressive experience, she is instrumental in strategic initiatives of organizational and professional development and life-long learning programs. She has a broad range of domestic and international experience in the private and public sectors. Audrey earned her MA in human services administration and BS in accounting. She was an adjunct faculty member of Rider University, where she taught graduate HR management. She is a SHRM Certified Professional and an Organization Development Certified Consultant.