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1001 You’re Not Saving the World: The Importance of Reframing Your Energy

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM ET
Thursday, December 7

Do you find yourself or your team burned out or struggling to remain motivated?

Many employees find themselves at work wondering, “What is the point?” Managers find themselves wondering how they can better motivate their teams—and often turn to superficial motivators such as food or prizes that do not solve the problem.

In this session we will explore the historical and societal causes that have contributed to these feelings and go through a series of questions and reflections to redirect your energy so you can go into work happy. This is not your typical motivational speech on burnout where suggestions like “self-care” and “meditation” are seen as the ultimate solution.

Instead, we will discuss the importance of reframing your energy to lead to overall increased happiness. We will also discuss the historical and societal causes that lead to general dissatisfaction at work. I’ll share my story of how quitting a dream career helped me reframe my energy for a happier life both at home and at work. You will be guided through an examination of how you direct your own energy—and an examination of whether it is aligned with your values. Leave this session feeling reflective and ready to direct your energy toward what is most important, leading to better work outcomes.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to redirect your energy to resolve feelings of burnout and dissatisfaction
  • The historical and societal causes of work dissatisfaction
  • How to align your energy and your values, how increase employee work satisfaction

Mimi Phung

Operations Training Coordinator

Hunter Industries

Mimi Phung is an experienced learning professional with a wide range of experiences. She started her career as a high school teacher. She taught high school English at Title I schools and co-taught with special education and ESL teachers. Mimi’s experience in teaching in-person, hybrid, and fully online have been beneficial in her current role as an operations training coordinator at Hunter Industries. Here, some of her work includes filming and editing video content, consulting with SMEs, deploying and managing Augmentir (an AI job tool), creating experiences in Articulate Storyline and 360, designing infographics/handouts, and managing the LMS system. Job titles aside, Mimi considers that her biggest goal in life is to make positive change in the world. In addition, Mimi is a 2022 alumna of the Learning Guild’s Thirty Under 30 program.