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Speaker Due Dates

Welcome to the Speaker Resources Page! This is your one-stop shop for all the information, dates, and guidelines you’ll need to get ready over the upcoming months. Here are some quick tips for getting started:



Friday, July 1

Email your speaker photo

If you haven’t submitted a photo to the Guild before or need to update it, email it to programs@LearningGuild.com. Photos must be:

  • In color
  • In TIFF, JPG, or PNG formats
  • A minimum of 4”X6” at 300 DPI
  • Named “Last_First.fileformat” (for example “Kelly_David.jpg”)

Friday, August 5

Review session description and speaker bio

Your session description and speaker bio are based on content from your proposal. However, we edit all content to align with Learning Guild length and format standards. Please review these carefully, and let us know if the content is inaccurate or no longer aligns with the content you plan to deliver.

If you have minor edits, send them to Programs@LearningGuild.com.

  • Copy and paste the text from the website to a Word document.
  • Please use the “track changes” option when editing or indicate your edits with bold red text.

NOTE: It’s not acceptable to change your session’s focus or objectives (add additional or make significant changes). At this point, your session has been publicly promoted.

Friday, September 23

Co-speakers MUST HAVE REGISTERED AND PAID for the event

  • The first co-presenter listed in the submission form receives a discounted registration rate and is responsible for registering and paying for their registration by the above deadline.
  • To register as a co-presenter, follow the instructions listed on the Speaker Registration Information page.
  • Co-presenters not registered by this date risk losing their speaking status.
  • Additional co-presenters, beyond the first, must register at the full conference rate but are able to take advantage of any discounts that may apply.

Note: The primary presenter for each session (the first person listed in the submission form) receives a free registration and is automatically registered for the main event.

Wednesday, October 5

WORKSHOP PRESENTERS ONLY: Email to attendees due

This email, sent by the Guild to all your workshop attendees, is your opportunity to make the first connection and provide the important information participants will want to know before they arrive. If you choose to create a personalized attendee email, please send it to programs@LearningGuild.com by this date.

When writing your email to attendees:

  • Keep it short—We’ve noticed the more direct and to-the-point workshop emails are, the more they’re read and the better their instructions are followed.
  • Set expectations—Make it clear what hardware, software, and/or tools they need to bring and share links to resource files if you have them.
  • Aim for simplicity—Keep your instructions as streamlined as possible.
  • Remove or reduce pre-work—Unfortunately, we find that pre-work isn’t always completed by attendees. It’s often better to design workshops without pre-work and/or just include recommendations instead of required activities or reading.
  • Ask them to be early—reminding them to arrive early can ensure your workshop can start on time.
  • Include your contact information—Be sure to let them know how to contact you if they have questions leading up to the event.

If you choose not to provide a personalized email, The Guild will send a general email on your behalf with your contact info should attendees have questions.

Note: Participants who register for your workshop just before the conference or on-site will not have received this email, so you will also want to share this same information at the start of the day.

Wednesday, October 5

WORKSHOP PRESENTERS ONLY: Workshop materials for print are due

  • Any workshop materials you wish the Guild to print for participants MUST be received by this date in order to make our print deadline.
  • Please email these materials in Word, PPT, and/or PDF format to programs@LearningGuild.com.
  • For additional information about session materials click here.
  • Materials for pre-conference workshops will NOT be posted on the event resource page.

NOTE: This is the drop-dead submission date. If we do not receive your materials by this date, you are responsible for making copies of your materials and for any related costs, including, but not limited to, copy and shipping costs.

Thursday, October 6

Deadline for special room rate at event hotel

  • Speakers are responsible for making their own hotel reservations.
  • Rooms at the conference hotel are available at a discounted rate (click here for hotel reservation information).
  • We recommend booking as early as possible as our hotel block routinely sells out.

Wednesday, October 12

Concurrent session materials due

Session slide decks and digital resources can greatly enhance the attendee experience. They’re also something attendees regularly request during and after the event. While it’s not mandatory to submit session materials, if you’re able to share them we highly encourage it.

  • All materials you wish to have available during the conference must be sent by email to programs@LearningGuild.com by this date.
  • For information about session material requirements, click here.
  • Please submit only finalized files. If you are not able to meet the deadline or if you do not plan to provide electronic materials to attendees, please contact programs@LearningGuild.com by or before this date.
  • We will make every effort to process materials received after the deadline prior to the event but are unable to guarantee it. Any materials not processed prior to the event will be posted the week following the event.
  • All materials for sessions will be posted on the event resource page. Presentation files will also be available through the mobile app.

We’re excited to have you as a speaker, and we look forward to seeing you at the conference! If you need information you can’t find here, feel free to reach out to the program team by emailing Programs@LearningGuild.com.