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Kennetia Brooks

Founder/ Owner


Kennetia Brooks has been in corporate leadership positions for the past decade. She is a speaker, writer, leadership facilitator, and guest lecturer. Originally collaborating with multiple million-dollar healthcare corporations in their operations and training of leaders and their teams, she has now shifted and broadened her focus to equipping individuals of diverse professions in their quest to peak their leadership potential. With an MA in leadership and currently on track to obtain her doctorate of leadership, Kennetia uses her past successes and current research on leaders in new/change situations as the foundations for providing prescriptive methods on collaborative critical thinking and transformative problem-solving for operational and team success. Her masterclasses and one-on-one sessions provide immediately actionable tools with positive, proven results to leaders, whether here or globally, in-person or via live streaming. She founded Brooksleadership, which has an extension ‘Unapologetic Conqueror’ specifically for women and young people. She is also the COO of a healthcare corporation.


502 | No-Fail Problem Solving