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Michelle Weise

Vice Chancellor of Strategy and Innovation

National University System

Dr. Michelle Weise is vice chancellor of strategy and innovation at National University System. She is a leading expert on learning, longevity, and the future of work. Previously an entrepreneur-in-residence and senior advisor at Imaginable Futures, Weise’s work focuses on the deep structural changes and restorative education and workforce solutions we need to support a new generation of workers.

Dr. Weise is a is a graduate of Harvard University, and earned her master’s and doctorate degrees from Stanford University. A former Fulbright Scholar and senior fellow with the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, she is the author of numerous books including Hire Education: Mastery, Modularization, and the Workforce Revolution, co-authored with the late Clayton Christensen. Her most recent book, published in 2020, is Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs That Don’t Even Exist Yet.