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Nakita Martinez

L&D Leadership Development Training Manager


In July of 2019, Nakita Martinez became a new hire onboarding trainer. During her time in this role, she acted as interim new hire training supervisor for eight weeks in the midst of the pandemic, helping onboard over 100 new hire trainees under her supervision. In January of 2021, she became a master trainer and helped in building the master trainer team. She then received the first Master Trainer of the Year award at Chewy in January of 2022. In this role, she delivered consistent and effective content-based trainings to specialty teams by using blended learning methods and acted as a champion for leadership development by facilitating soft-skills based training.

In June of 2022, she became the training manager of Chewy’s Leadership Development Master Trainer Team. In this role, she oversees the success of training programs while partnering in OCM strategy plans and content design. She has a focus on analyzing data to gather bigger picture overviews and determine training programs that are needed, initiatives that should be launched, and stretch assignments that can cater to development and growth of her direct reports.