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Shantel Dixon

Assistant Principal

Santa Fe, New Mexico Public School District

Shantel Dixon is an assistant principal in the Santa Fe, New Mexico Public School district. She completed her undergraduate degree at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, and pursed graduate education programs at the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Highlands University, where she received a master of arts in educational leadership and a master of science in curriculum and instruction, respectively. Shantel is an active member of AVID, where she has presented at numerous conferences and is a staff developer. She provides professional learning opportunities for teachers throughout the country that focus on helping students gain the tools they need to be successful academically and in life outside of the classroom. Shantel is passionate about education and providing students with every opportunity possible to help them become successful. She is a lifelong learner who continuously strives to better herself, engage in learning, and act as a leader within her school site and her community.