3 Pillars of Learning Leadership

A 1-Day Intensive Guide

3 Pillars of Learning Leadership

Learning leadership is built upon our ability to connect learning to the needs of the business and to influence senior leaders toward seeing our work through the eyes of performance.

To be successful in this, learning leaders need to build skills in three key areas:

  • Strategic thinking & planning: Adopt a strategic approach to align organizational needs and drive results
  • Business enablement: Increase impact of L&D through strategic stakeholder relationships and alignment of learning with key performance measures
  • Using data to drive performance: Identify and apply data to link learning solutions with organizational goals

Led by industry experts who bring a wealth of strategies, tips, and guidelines, 3 Pillars of Learning Leadership directly targets this need, providing a deep dive into each of these strategic skill areas.

With an intensive focus on the practical side of learning leadership, you will spend your day connecting and collaborating with fellow learning leaders as you explore processes and skills that you can immediately apply in your work. You will leave the event inspired to step up your leadership, boost your team’s profile, and implement a performance-focused, business-enabling learning strategy.

3 Pillars of Learning Leadership takes place on Monday, December 4, from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Separate fee-based registration is required.




Frank Nguyen, Executive Director, Genentech


Part 1: Hone Your Learning Strategy

Christopher Adams, Principal Consultant, Performance Change Strategies LLC

  • Why and how to position learning as a strategic component of your organization
  • A model to help you define / align organizational needs: business, performance, individual, and organizational capability


  • Hands on: Reframe client requests by asking the right questions to guide solutions from request for training to strategic discussions of desired results


Part 2: Align Your Strategy with Data

Amber Boyd, Learning & Performance Manager, Nationwide

  • Why you need a data-driven learning strategy
  • How and why to operationalize data to evaluate performance and measure success


  • Identifying the data your organization already gathers and the “story” it tells
  • Use data to create a performance-focused learning strategy


Part 3: Become a Business Enabler

Frank Nguyen, Executive Director, Genentech

  • Communicating effectively with organizational leaders and stakeholders
  • Communicating data effectively to non-L&D audience




Part 4: Putting it All Together

Frank Nguyen, Executive Director, Genentech

Wrap-up & closing remarks