Guild for Good

The Learning Guild’s guiding principle has always been “Together We Are Better,” and Guild for Good extends that focus by exploring ways to connect organizations with humanitarian-focused projects with individuals from our community who are interested in contributing to worthwhile causes.

Meals in the Meantime

This year at Learning 2023, we’re proud to support Meals in the Meantime, a nonprofit providing food support and assistance in Chicagoland south suburbs. Meals in the Meantime’s mission is “filling the food gap with nourishment and dignity,” and they do so by providing free, fresh, healthy food directly in the hands of those who need it.

Join us in donating today! At Learning 2023 you will also have the opportunity to donate to Meals in the Meantime via a QR code during each of the general sessions.

Learn more about Learning 2023’s official nonprofit for 2023.