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206 Agile Learning: The Logical Next Step for L&D in Agile Environments

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Tuesday, December 5

Is your organization moving toward modern and agile work environments? And are your teams therefore expected to make decisions on their own and work as self-regulated as possible? However, especially in times of transition, employees may find it difficult to act without supervision or instruction, especially if they are not already used to this style of working.

If you, as a learning leader in your organization, want to help them to overcome fear and grow from the challenge, then I would like to introduce agile learning—an approach that empowers learners and emphasizes self-directed and self-organized learning.

In this session I will talk about why traditional approaches to L&D have failed in supporting the needs of the agile work environment at QualityMinds, and even proven to be counterproductive. The agile learning approach at QualityMinds places the learner at the center of the learning process, based on the principles of personal responsibility and self-organization. You will see how learning objectives, learning materials, formats, and settings are chosen according to individual needs, context conditions, and, ideally, directly integrated into practical workflows. We’ll discuss various forms of personal and/or technical support provided to learners. I’ll introduce the role of the agile learning coach—the person who guides learners through manageable, iterative phases of planning, observation, evaluation, and adaptation in their learning process.

In this session you will learn how:

  • Agile learning is a proven way to moving your organization toward agility
  • L&D can foster self-reflection and learners motivation and confidence
  • Learning becomes more motivating and efficient when learners create their own learning paths and take responsibility

Susanne Ambros

Head of Relations and TeamLead QualityLearning

QualityMinds GmbH

Susanne Ambros is head of relations at QualityMinds, as well as team lead of the QualityLearning Team. Applying agile principles to learning in her role of an Agile Learning Coach has become a real passion for her. Before joining QualityMinds, Susanne co-founded a company specializing in learning operations in 2002. As part of the management team, Susanne successfully developed sustainable learning support businesses for large national and international corporations until 2017. She studied to become a teacher with geography and economics as her main subjects and still teaches business management at the Chamber of Commerce in Munich, Germany.