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902 Are You an Accidental ID? Let’s Create a Training Development Plan!

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM ET
Thursday, December 7

Have you found yourself in the role of an instructional designer without any prior training or experience? Do you struggle to create effective plans for developing your training initiatives? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of working with your project team to develop a plan that is both feasible and effective?

You’re not alone! Join us for an interactive session that will guide you through the fundamentals of creating a solid training development plan to guide that conversation.

This session is designed for individuals who have found themselves in the role of an instructional designer without any formal training or experience, as well as those who are new to instructional design and looking to enhance their skills. This session is also suitable for anyone interested in eLearning course design and delivery. We’ll explore why a training development plan is essential to the success of your projects and the components that make up an effective training development plan. We’ll provide guidance on creating a customized template for your organization and learn the Tell/Show/Let Methodology: You will be guided through a demonstration of the individual components that make up a training development plan and then work in small groups to draft one for a fictional project deliverable.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why a training development plan is essential to the success of your projects
  • The fundamental components of a training development plan
  • Strategies and best practices for stakeholder buy-in and plan management/adherence
  • How to create a training development plan using practical tools and templates

Ebony Lawrence

Instructional Designer/Curriculum Developer

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ebony Lawrence is an instructional designer/curriculum developer with Amazon Web Services (AWS). She likes to refer to herself as an “accidental instructional designer,” as her academic background is deeply rooted in public health (BS in health education and MS in health administration), and epidemiology (DrPH). The transition was a natural step, and she has since gained over a decade of valuable experience in higher education, corporate training development, and management consulting. In 2020, Ebony obtained her CPTD and, despite her non-traditional entry into the field, she’s leaned on her diverse background and skills to build her brand.