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205 Build Tech Fluency in Your L&D Teams: A Practical Framework

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Tuesday, December 5

As we move toward the future of work and learning, L&D teams realize that upskilling themselves with technology fluency skills is critical to keeping pace with the fast-changing landscape of emerging technologies such as VR, AI/ML, and advanced analytics. However, many L&D teams are stretched too thin as they juggle day-to-day tasks to bring their tech fluency up to date while also trying to build or buy a comprehensive suite of tech fluency offerings without breaking the bank! What’s needed is a cost-effective way for L&D professionals to stay ahead technologically—with minimal resources required.

This session explores how you might develop a practical tech fluency framework for your L&D teams, using the case of our R&I Learning Lab’s recent AI fluency-building approach as an example. We will start with a comprehensive overview of why our L&D professionals need deeper tech fluency skills that go beyond the hype or anxiety over the emerging technologies. We then move on to an example of our recent AI fluency-building approach to illustrate the process and discuss the results. Finally, we will invite everyone to take part in a reflective discussion about how to design their own tech fluency framework, such as what skills are necessary for each team member and how to effectively implement and iterate the framework with minimal time and resources.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why your L&D team members need comprehensive tech fluency skills that go beyond mere excitement or anxiety about the emerging technologies
  • What makes a relevant, engaging, and adaptable fluency learning program for L&D professionals to keep up with the swiftly changing technology landscapes and topics
  • How to optimize your team’s time and resources between their own fluency building vs. performing their day-to-day work
  • How to design your own tech fluency learning framework and rapidly test and iterate it while utilizing minimum resources/headcount

Veronica Gomez

Learning Design Expert

McKinsey & Company

Veronica Gomez is a learning designer with a background in educational technology, psychology, and web design. A Costa Rican native, Veronica is passionate about developing others and creating joyful learning experiences.

Sam Lee

Learning Design Expert

McKinsey & Company

Sam Lee is an experienced learning design expert at Mckinsey & Company. With over 10 years of executive education, learning design, and capacity-building experience, she has designed and managed professional learning content products for a range of organizations including Udacity, Columbia Business School, and Population Council. She holds a master’s degree in international educational development from Columbia University and is passionate about combining creativity and instructional design skills with technology to create impactful learning solutions for busy professionals across the globe.