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610 Coaching Styles Revolution: New Research That Transforms Leadership Development & Coaching

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

Google found after a 10-year study that being a great coach is the #1 skill of effective leadership. But what makes for great coaching? In his cutting-edge doctoral research, David Morelli, PhD found there are seven styles great coaches use to get out-sized results. In his subsequent research, he found that 89% of employees quit their jobs when their leaders fail to use all seven!

In this interactive talk, Dr. Morelli shares the seven RESPECT Coaching Styles and even gives a live coaching demonstration of each style with an audience member–often to the amazement of those in attendance. His work is being rapidly adopted into companies ranging from tech to Fortune 500, including one of the top three on the list, and being embedded into leadership training programs. The RESPECT Coaching Styles model is quickly replacing other models because of its simplicity, actionability, and power.

David Morelli

Co-founder, CEO


David Morelli, PhD is the co-founder and CEO of OwlHub and brings 25 years of executive coaching and leadership development experience. David is the creator of the RESPECT Coaching Styles™ framework and assessments. Formerly, David was a business school professor in leadership with an instructor rating of 4.93/5 from executive audiences. David served also the SVP of Strategy and Talent Development for a tech company, helping them grow 100x in 7 years to a $3.5B valuation. Additionally, David is the host of a #1 podcast, OwlCast, with over 1.2 million subscribers. He holds an Executive MBA and PhD in business with research in executive coaching and leadership from the University of Denver.