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507 Create a Better Learning Experience Based on Student Preferences & Motivations

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM ET
Wednesday, December 6

Are our learners’ preferences and motivations considered when training them? Does the training meet their needs? Is the training engaging the students and encouraging them to return for more? Questions like these have driven Choice University, the franchisee training department within Choice Hotels, for the past few years. While we were creating training for our students, we did not know if the training was matching the learning experience we wanted to offer. To find out, we went directly to the source: our students. We surveyed them, researched them thoroughly, and analyzed the results.

In this session we will cover those surveys and the following analysis. We will show how the resulting information allowed us a better understanding of our students, drove us to create content in ways that matched their desires, showed how we could encourage their further engagement in training content, and allowed us to create a more successful learning experience.

We will cover:

  • A case study displaying how we created, launched, and analyzed surveys to understand our students’ learning experience
  • How learning preferences research has allowed us to better understand what training, and training type, to create for our students
  • How learning motivations research has allowed us to better engage with our students and capture their attention
  • The deliverables we were able to create for internal and external stakeholders, such as personas, presentations, and analytics dashboards to best explain the current learning experience for our students

In this session you will learn:

  • Proven practices from Choice University that have resulted in highly successful learning experiences, and positive data showing increased engagement from our students as a result
  • How asking the right survey questions can lead to further student insights and a better overall learning experience
  • How to use student data to better prep stakeholders for content creation requests
  • How learning preferences and motivations can restructure your learning environment to be more student-focused and improve student engagement

David DuBois

Senior Manager, Learning Analytics and Awards

Choice Hotels International

David DuBois is the senior manager of learning analytics and awards for Choice University, the award-winning franchisee training department within Choice Hotels International.  He is a frequent author and speaker around the importance and tactics of learning analytics. David is passionate about leading data analytics for learning organizations.