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201 Cultivate a Culture of Learning Through Peer-Led Leadership Development

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Tuesday, December 5

Meaningful, impactful, and sustained learning occurs through cultural development and within the community—not in content sessions and one-off workshops. How can we cultivate a culture of learning? Through leveraging existing organizational culture, highlighting established organizational leaders, and harnessing the power of community using coaching circles, we begin to grow and develop a learning culture and empower leaders to elevate their impact. Imagine the possibilities and potential that could be unleashed if we intentionally invested in culture-building and community development instead of just content delivery.

This session will explore the Milo’s Tea Company strategy to implement “Leaders as Coaches,” a culturally aligned, practically focused, and peer-elevated leadership development curriculum. We will walk through our process of tying curriculum to organizational culture and our 7 Pillars of Leadership. Attendees will explore practical ways to leverage coaching circles for peer-elevated leadership development. We will develop strategies for identifying actionable next steps using the GROW model and dive into multimedia content delivery for the Leaders as Coaches program, emphasizing the importance of harnessing organizational leaders for content delivery. Finally, we will tackle strategies for assessment, evaluation, and evolution of leadership development initiatives. We’ll share notable outcomes for Leaders as Coaches in 2022, including a 90% participation rate with 94% of leaders indicating the experience was relevant to their learning needs.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Build learning programs that are culturally aligned
  • Leverage microlearning for engagement in a fast-paced work environment
  • Leverage coaching circles and leader spotlights for peer-supported and peer-elevated leadership development
  • Establish a framework for building a culture of learning at the leadership level

Kyle Dismukes

Learning Specialist

Milos Tea Company

Kyle Dismukes is a learning specialist working toward building a culture of learning at Milo’s Tea Company, where people come to grow. Kyle has received certifications in LEAN Six Sigma Yellow Belt and TTISI DISC Certification. Kyle is dedicated to empowering and supporting others in achieving their developmental goals and career aspirations.

Ashton Hammonds

Learning Specialist

Milos Tea Company

Ashton Hammonds joined Milo’s Tea Company almost four years ago as a learning & development specialist. She has played a huge part in the success of the company’s learning programs and has been an invaluable resource to the learning team as a whole. Ashton is deeply passionate about the growth, development, and advancement of all associates. She has gained over 10 years of direct experience in the L&D field since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from The University of Montevallo. Ashton is pursuing the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) Certification.

Adam Roderick

Manager of Learning and Development

Milos Tea Company

Adam Roderick leads the L&D team in efforts to build a culture of learning at Milo’s Tea Company and to ensure Milo’s is a place people come to grow. Adam received his bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a master’s in clinical counseling from the University of Montevallo. Adam is driven by opportunities to empower others to achieve things they never thought possible.