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401 Diversity in Age: Preparing for Longevity in the Workplace

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET
Tuesday, December 5

People today are living longer and staying healthier longer. Thus, many older adults may need or want to work longer. Yet they face challenges, such as adapting to the pace in which technology changes and maintaining their ability to meet work demands. The need to upskill employees has been widely acknowledged for years but is rarely discussed for older workers. Yet, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that this age group will increase by at least 75% over the next decade. How are organizations preparing to meet the challenge of supporting older workers?

In this session we will discuss the trend of aging populations in most developed countries and the implications for the workforce. With fewer younger adults entering the workforce, labor shortages are expected in the coming years. Thus, retaining and motivating older workers will become increasingly important for organizations and for individuals as they consider successfully aging at work.

We’ll delve into the characteristics and the motivations of older workers to continue to work and examine the role of the learning organization in preparing them for extended working lives. We’ll cover strategies and programs that support older workers, such as reverse mentorships and training strategies, so they can continue to thrive in the workplace.

In this session you will learn:

  • The implications of an aging population to the workplace
  • The differences (and similarities!) between the characteristics and motivations of older adults versus younger adults at work
  • What to consider in designing programs that support the learning of employees of all ages

Minette Chan

Doctoral Student

University of Pennsylvania

Minette Chan is an L&D leader with 15+ years of experience in both startup and Fortune500 technology companies such as Visa, Siemens, and Ooyala. Minette has been recognized as an Innovation Awardee by the Chief Learning Officer magazine and a Top 40 Under 40 leader by Training magazine. Her programs have garnered “Excellence in Learning” awards by Brandon Hall, including “Best Results of a Learning Program,” “Best Advance in Technology Implementation,” and “Best Certification Program.” Minette holds an MA in learning design and technology from Stanford University, and is a doctorate in education candidate at the University of Pennsylvania.