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606 Feedback: Gift or Grind?

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

When you hear, “Can I offer some feedback,” what is your immediate reaction? Do you ready your defenses and prepare for battle? Do you get your favorite note-taking apparatus ready to glean insights from the wisdom heading your way?

Feedback is a natural part of everyday life. For some reason, when it moves to the corporate space it often becomes a different animal entirely. Just the mention of it can intimidate or bring on anxiety. In this session we will identify obstacles and provide some best practices for providing, receiving, and asking for feedback. You will work in small groups to identify default feedback methodologies and any potential areas for growth. If feedback is truly about growth, then we as leaders need to make sure that feedback is given in a way that sets our team up to win.

In this session you will learn:

  • Best practices for providing, requesting, and receiving feedback
  • What feedback is (and isn’t)
  • Resources to help improve your feedback game

Jen Ashrafi

Senior Leadership Development and Engagement Specialist


Jen Ashrafi is a senior virtual delivery and engagement specialist for Allstate’s Enterprise L&D team. After spending over 15 years interacting with listeners, interviewing artists, and discussing current events and more in the broadcasting industry, Jen transitioned to her current role with Allstate in early 2020. Jen’s L&D philosophy is to have a little bit of fun while learning a lot, because taking yourself too seriously is a barrier to growth.

William Oakley

Senior Leadership Development and Engagement Specialist


William Oakley has presented to over 750,000 people across four continents. He’s a professional educator, with seven years of classroom education experience. He currently serves as a virtual delivery and engagement specialist for the Enterprise Learning and Development team at Allstate, where he uses his experience to make boring stuff not boring and to inspire people to enjoy learning.