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304 Managing Change: Aligning Strategy to Execution

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET
Tuesday, December 5

In the macro-environment of today, learning organizations struggle to quickly respond to change. As the company or organizational strategy and priorities shift, learning leaders face the challenge of being able to re-align to the new priorities and execute with high confidence in the expected outcomes.

In this case study session we will shed light onto how leaders can thrive in ever-changing conditions and ambiguity. We will explore the complex problems that learning teams in the product and technology organization at Workday faced during the challenges of reorganization and realignment of teams across the company. You will learn how a small team rolled up its sleeves and crafted a new framework to align strategic priorities to execution. You will be able to take part in the team’s journey, examining how they established new practices for executing on strategic priorities and creating a culture of innovation—all the way to measuring the learning solutions’ impact. Along the way, you will learn how to leverage AI-driven systems to influence strategic direction.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to quickly re-align to new strategy
  • How to balance competing priorities
  • To foster innovative practices
  • To leverage AI tools to influence strategic direction

Teodora Dimitrova

Senior Learning Solutions Architect

Workday, Inc.

Teodora Dimitrova is a systems thinker, culture crafter, and problem solver with a background in information and learning technologies, and over 10 years’ experience in the field of learning and development. She has experience in the public education sector, small start-ups, and large tech companies, and has earned multiple professional certifications in leadership. Teodora is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience in learning science, data analytics, leadership and strategy, lean-agile practices, and systems and design thinking.