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601 How Learning Leaders Benefit from Looking Outside L&D

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

Who else should be an inspiration for learners if not learning leaders? The more you know, the easier it is to inspire people. But from the perspective of learning innovation, it is probably best to look for ideas and inspiration in other domains, industries, and environments. Turning to non-L&D areas can spark innovative ideas as well as inspire your learners and teams. But the questions remain: How can you best relate what you read, study, and learn to learning? And where might you look for ideas?

In this session you will get practical advice about finding inspiration outside of the L&D business. The session will help you to relate ideas, stories, and principles from books—even novels—movies, and other non-L&D domains to the learning business. We’ll talk about how finding unusual ways to solve problems and tackle opportunities can enrich your learning solutions as you learn to apply stories of explorers, artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs to the learning content you create and deliver.

We’ll use examples and tips gleaned from:

  • Aviation, as a very procedural industry, where safety is the primary goal
  • Explorer adventures, where principles and attitudes lead to great discoveries
  • Sports, where thorough practice and strong motivation lead to success
  • Arts, where inspiration and observation help create great works

In this session you will learn:

  • Why to look beyond L&D for help creating great learning solutions
  • Where to look for ideas and inspiration to enrich your learning content and teamwork
  • How relating stories from other industries, domains, and environment can provide you with inspiration for your learners
  • How applying principles from non-L&D environment can help you solve learning problems in unexpected and creative ways

Marjan Bradesko

Director, Conscia Center of Excellence

NIL Ltd.

Marjan Bradesko, MSc, has spent his career helping people to learn, grow, and share their knowledge. His background in software engineering and networking has enabled him to connect technology with business. Marjan graduated from University of Ljubljana, and is employed by NIL Ltd, part of Conscia. He leads the Conscia Center of Excellence and uses his broad experience (training delivery, content creation, instructor development, sales) in talent and leadership development. Marjan is a proficient learning expert and an enthusiastic speaker. He writes about learning, personal development, technology, and travel, and has authored four books.