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404 How to Ensure Your Learning Strategy Meets True Business Needs

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET
Tuesday, December 5

L&D teams are receiving record numbers of requests. Loss of tenured knowledge as well as major organizational changes are just some of the causes of this elevated need. How can learning leaders ensure these requests fit into an L&D strategy that delivers results for the business? This starts with getting to the root of the problem by asking the right questions.

In this session you will learn about the learning business partner role in a centralized learning organization and how our team plays a key role in determining the root cause of an issue with business leaders before building a learning strategy.

We will delve into performance consulting techniques and tools that will help you to have productive conversations with your business partners and then explore steps to take to ensure your learning strategy supports their needs.

You will come away with techniques and tools to help you ask the right questions of your partners and ensure your learning strategy has the greatest impact on the business KPIs that matter. We will provide an example where using these tools demonstrated that learning wasn’t the solution to the problem and another where the learning strategy became more intentional and impactful as a result.

In this session you will learn:

  • How the learning business partner role utilizes performance consulting techniques to understand the root cause of the problems that the leaders are trying to solve
  • Why asking further questions and completing a deeper needs analysis of the problem is an essential first step
  • Which questions and tools help to ensure you have partnership in solving the problem
  • Techniques for working with your partners when the root cause analysis indicates a learning solution is not the answer

Florence Bromfield

Learning Business Partner


Florence Bromfield’s career has taken her through different experiences, leading to the learning business partner role. For the first 13 years, Florence worked in education in China, in nonprofit education in the US, and in international education at a university. She developed strong skills in adaptability, intercultural communication, and learning/program design. With Unum for five years in talent management and learning, Florence has become more experienced with HR, performance consulting, change management, and project management. She has a master’s in international education and is working on a data analytics certification through Coursera.

Erika Wharton

Learning Business Partner


Erika Wharton, learning business partner at Unum, has 17 years in L&D and has held various roles including facilitator, eLearning developer, and director of digital learning. She has led/co-led sessions with TICE, Workday Rising, ATD, and DevLearn. Her gamification work is award-winning, and she loves sharing her expertise with others.