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703 How We Built Cross-Functional Skills in a Service Delivery Ecosystem

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

How do you create an agile workforce in a complex service delivery environment? How do you build for the future, while maintaining legacy service to customers?

A comprehensive strategic workforce plan formed the foundation of our approach, with specific focus on entry-level assessment and cross-functional/technology skill building. Join this session to learn about our journey and our unique skill outputs.

We will explore the basis of our comprehensive strategic workforce plan, including our market analytics, skills visioning workshop, workforce analytics, and strategy setting at the service delivery functional and holistic levels. We will discuss how we created targeted assessments for skills observation and validation, working beyond the interview and knowledge assessments. We will also walk you through how to develop detailed learning plans for achievement of technical competency objectives.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to create a custom strategic workforce plan for your organization
  • What a targeted assessment looks like
  • The necessary considerations to create comprehensive technical learning plans

Emily Howarth

Program Manager, Service Delivery NextGen

Siemens Industry, Inc.

From an associate degree in electronics to a master’s degree in cybersecurity, Emily Howarth has pursued non-traditional technical pathways and helped others to shape their future. She was elected as a Fellow of the Manufacturing Skills Institute in 2020 and awarded the statewide NSHE Regent’s Teaching Award in 2015. She is a veteran of the US Air Force, and is finishing her PhD in technology and innovation.

Gail Norris

Director, SITRAIN Digital Industries Learning

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Gail Norris has been with Siemens over 20 years in a variety of functions and is currently the director of SITRAIN Digital Industries Learning for the US. Developing people is a passion well suited for her current role. Her passion is skills and people development, bringing ultimate career aspirations to success and identifying hidden and adjacent skills and capabilities. She is the originator of the Strategic Workforce Plan for her business unit, as well as creating an employer experience initiative to drive employee engagement. Gail has also been engaged in DEI&B activities since early in her career, engaging in women’s networks across multiple employers, as well as advocating for the positive impacts of diversity on business impact. Her hiring philosophy is, ˜Never hire in your own image!’ This allows for diverse perspectives and experiences to flourish in her organizations. Previous experience includes roles in program management, business excellence, and procurement for Siemens, as well as roles in supply chain, operations accounting, audit and consulting for Siemens, and for aviation and accounting organizations.