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510 Implement User Generated L&D Content Supported by AI in Your Organization

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM ET
Wednesday, December 6

The challenge or problem addressed in this session is ensuring the efficient capture and distribution of knowledge within an organization. Specifically, it focuses on empowering subject matter experts, like operators or technicians, to create their own content. Additionally, the session explores how AI can expedite this process, offering a solution to accelerate the generation and dissemination of user-generated content.

Knowledge resides everywhere within an organization, but how do you ensure that this knowledge is captured and disseminated throughout your entire enterprise? How can you empower subject matter experts to create their own content? And how can AI support them to achieve these results even faster? Using a specific FLOWSPARKS case study, we will explore how you can implement the creation of user-generated content.

In this session you will:

  • Discover the blueprint for practical implementation
  • Navigate potential challenges with strategic insights
  • Master practical tips & tricks for maximizing the potential of user-generated content
  • Discover how AI can help you build eLearning faster

Cédric Herregodts



Cédric Herregodts, equipped with academic foundations in civil and industrial engineering, is fueled by an enduring passion for learning. This passion led him to transition into the learning and development sector, where for the past 11 years he meticulously cultivated a profound understanding of the sector, becoming a distinguished expert. He rose from a sales professional to sales and marketing manager, refining his expertise along the way. Having worked with clients from around the world, he brings a global perspective to his current role as CEO at FLOWSPARKS, leveraging his insights to foster the company’s growth and success.