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208 Learning Through Reflection: Building Head-to-Heart Connections

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Tuesday, December 5

In today’s globalized world, trainers often face the challenge of connecting with diverse and geographically dispersed audiences. With the rise of remote and online learning, the need to create engaging and effective learning experiences that resonate with learners from different cultures and backgrounds has become more critical than ever. Many trainers struggle to create head-to-heart connections with their audiences, leading to disengagement and poor learning outcomes. This session addresses this challenge by exploring experiential learning techniques and reflection strategies that help trainers build deeper connections with learners and create impactful and transformative learning experiences.

During this session, you will learn practical strategies to effectively connect with diverse audiences across cultural and language barriers. Through a combination of interactive activities and experiential learning, we will explore how to build head-to-heart connections with content and create engaging learning experiences. You will also learn how to use reflection as a tool to facilitate deeper learning and understanding. By the end of the session, you will have a toolkit of techniques to design and deliver training programs that resonate with a global audience, improve skills and knowledge, and achieve learning objectives.

In this session you will learn:

  • A better understanding of how to connect with a global audience through experiential learning and reflection
  • Practical techniques for designing training sessions that build head-to-heart connections with content
  • Strategies for fostering engagement and active participation among learners
  • An awareness of potential cultural differences and how to adapt training materials accordingly

Karen Cordova

Global Learning Specialist


Karen Cordova is a senior instructional designer in international development with a decade of experience in creating effective training programs for various organizations and industries. Her expertise includes leading instructional design for various training types, developing curriculums, and using evaluation tools to measure program impact. Karen has worked internationally for over 10 years and has a background in communication working with adult learners. As an affiliate faculty member at Regis University for over 20 years, she facilitated courses in intercultural, marketing, and conflict management. Karen is committed to creating engaging learning experiences that support learners.