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105 Master the Matrix: How Boston Scientific Executed a Skills-Based Feedback Process

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM ET
Tuesday, December 5

Are you living in the Matrix? Do you really know where your learners are on their journey toward proficiency? How can you tell? How do you create a tangible system of tracking each learner’s progress toward their goal?

You need to enable your trainers with the tools to track, coach, and provide skills-based feedback in the flow of work. All while reporting progress to leadership. You will need to execute on performance coaching and make subjective feedback objective, measurable, and meaningful to provoke learner growth.

This session explores a case study detailing how our organization created and executed a skills-based feedback process enabling learners to understand and conquer their deficiencies effectively. We will discuss how and why our “Matrix” approach is crucial to successful learner outcomes. We will share how the clear, tangible feedback process enables both learners and trainers to focus on gaps and target prescriptive just-in-time solutions. We’ll discuss the results, lessons learned, and the efficiencies created in our move to the Matrix!

In this session you will learn how:

  • To create a skills-based performance management and feedback tool
  • A skills matrix enables learners and trainers to execute just-in-time, skills-based feedback
  • We were able to apply skills-based feedback in the flow of work

Caitlin Miller

Senior Group Manager, Clinical Training

Boston Scientific

After an anaphylactic reaction to a nut at the age of two, Caitlin Miller realized the difference the compassion of the nurses made and envisioned making a positive impact. Caitlin is a driven professional who is goal-oriented and able to prioritize tasks to achieve strategic objectives with proven success. Her passion about making the most of highly challenging circumstances has carried throughout her career as a nurse and as a people-leader in the training department.

Dawn Peterson

Instructional Design Manager

Boston Scientific

Dawn Peterson is a passionate professional who is energized by change. For more than 25 years, she has helped organizations to exceed their development and talent retention goals. Using attention to detail and comprehensive analysis, Dawn has established a long history of delivering proven results and impactful learning programming. She has worn many different “hats” during her career: instructional designer, graphic designer, manager, consultant, and mentor. Over the years, Dawn has honed an ability to anticipate needs, solve problems, and translate needs directly into results-driven development.